Tate Modern

This week I have had a trip down to the Tate Modern Gallery in London, It was part of my Photographic HND course I am doing. As a group of students we where tasked with searching out primary research and inspiration for our own work.  It was interesting to look at so much art work and if we couldn’t find inspiration here I don’t know where we could, some of the installation work I found went over my head but other pieces literally gave me goose bumps.My style of photography tends to lead me down the documentary portrait style and I was pleased to see a selection of work from Miyako Ishiuchi and William Eggleston.

Two images from Miyako Ishiuchi’s collection Yokosuka Story 1977 and are Photographs on gelatine silver print paper.

DWI CLB 2013-1-2DWI CLB 2013-1-3

These two images are from William Egglestons collection From Chromes 1970-73. Photographs, dye transfer print on paper

DWI CLB 2013-1-7 DWI CLB 2013-1-8

Both these photographer appeal to me as the images are very simple but both convey life at the time they were taken, especially Willaim Eggleston all of the subjects in this collection of prints looks very personable.  To me these images are beautifully natural even they are all clearly posed.  When I shoot I normally shoot black and white as that is my thing but I do really love early colour prints but to me colour photography is like looking at someone else’s  sandwich, theirs always looks better than whats in your lunch box.  But even with todays printing technologies the prints will never compete, older original prints will always be more alive and feel more tactile in my opinion.

While I was down in London it would of been rude not partake in some personal photography of my own, so when I had an opportunity to get my camera out and below is the images I got.