New Corporate Client

I have been working with a new corporate client here in Milton Keynes, they wanted new corporate head shots with a clean fresh look for their websites meet team page.

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Down The Line

Shot this today outside my house and called it “Down The Line”.  When we walk around in our busy lives we never take the opportunity to stop and just look up. Today I was in the middle of editing  shoot for a client and needed a break away from the Mac. It was a windy but warm autumn day and I decided to pick up my camera and take it outside, as I looked around, the light was perfect and I noticed the sky with these white clouds just blowing through.  Across the road from my house is a telegraph pole, probably one of the most unnoticed things in our day to day lives.  I looked up and realised as I framed up this shot, this mundane piece of wood in the middle of my street was more than that. The pole was a connection to all of us and we just take it for granted, each one of those wires is a lifeline.

These wires that look so ordinary but keep us connected to our loved ones via phone and internet, help us when we are in trouble. Burst pipes we call a plumber, feeling sick we call a doctor, this pole is not mundane and unimportant in fact this pole is a very important part of our community. If this pole did not stand outside my house, being strong and holding its wires tight 365 days of the year in all weathers, keeping us connected to the important people in our lives we would be the first to rant and complain.  Why is it we take so much for granted these days, we get up, go to bed and get up again day in day out, and notice nothing. Until its gone! Yes we have mobile phones and internet these days but there are still thousands of people that rely on these extraordinary wires to stay connected.

Nothing in life should ever be taken for granted even the things we think are not important. We should stop walking around with our heads down day after day. Next time you go out “JUST LOOK UP”

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Down The Line

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