Take That Leap….

Back in 2011 I was working full-time as a contractor and part time in my own photography business, and I wanted to find away to switch these around. I have been a passionate hobby photographer for over 20 years, my aim was to make my photography business my full time job, but I didn’t want to be known as one of guys who picked up a camera and called himself a photographer. It was important to me that I could offer my future clients reassurance that I had a qualification and experience. At the time I knew my contract at the company I was working at was about to end, and I was keen to look at the options for further education to take my business to that next level.

I had two options College or University, but in both cases I would need to look into funding. At the time MK College had a full ad in the local paper and the course the caught my eye was the HND Photography. So I made an appointment for an interview with the program manager Antonio Longo. I should say at this point I was a mature student of 43 and family man with 4 boys and a mortgage to think about and wasn’t sure if would be eligible for the course or even the funding. I went to the interview and was welcomed with a very positive attitude and was accepted on the HND with content of my portfolio and subject to funding. This was just the start of my amazing journey at MK College, I had managed to secure a student loan and was ready for my first day of College life.

From the first day I never felt out of place even though I was the daddy of my class, I literally could have been dad to all of them. I knew the course was going to a personal challenge to me as this was the first time I had been in full time education since 1985. But the support from my tutors was second to none when came to helping me with the contextual side of the course work. Mind maps, essays, connotation, denotation and annotation are things I never had to do before. When I started my HND I couldn’t write a shopping list let alone an essay, but now I’m sitting to this laptop writing this and other pieces for my own blogs. Also I was given a great opportunity to help and talk to other students about my business, hopefully giving them inspiration to go on and succeed.

One of the reasons the Photography HND course at MK College was suited to me, was one of the modules was photography business. This was important because this is what I needed to take my business to the next level, as at the time I had really no idea how to do exactly that. This module was to run the whole of the second year which included Business Planning, Marketing and live jobs (paid and work experience). If I hadn’t done this HND I think I would still be running my business part time, this gave me the confidence to think about not having to find another full time job after the HND. And that’s what I did, I am now running my business DW Images Photography full time. College gave me an all of the other st
udents a great platform to grow and showcase our work, building a very relevant career path for each of us in the areas we wanted to go. Mine was commercial photography and college let me use every opportunity to grow and promote my business it could even letting me use the business module for my Final Major Project at the MK College Summer F
estival at Middleton Hall in Central Milton Keynes.

I finished my HND with a Distinction and I also won Student of the year. So not only am I now running my own photography business now, going to MK College and doing the HND has inspired me to carry on teaching others. I now have a contract with the college to go in and teach Level 3 and other HND students photography and business/marketing from my experiences, and I am always more than willing to let other students connect with me and ask questions. The opportunities I have now are just the best and have only been made available because of the great help and support I got from the structure of the HND course and all of the staff at MK College, I can’t thank them enough.



As I said I am now a full time commercial photographer specialising in Corporate, Acting headshot and Commercial Product Photography.

For more information on my work go to www.dw-images.com


Its All Gone Dark

It was a very chill out weekend, so as we are back to the grindstone today thought I would share this invisible black background set up with you guys.

I follow a cool photographer and retoucher called Glyn Dewis. He has been posting some new work which he uses an invisible black background. He photographs his subject in day light, but using a single strobe or speedlight creates a black background, while his subject get perfectly lit. So I thought I would show you how its done to.

This is done by being able to trigger off camera flash and doing the following.

1 Setting your camera to manual
2 setting the ISO to its lowest, normally iso100
3 Setting your shutter speed to its highest sync speed for flash, the Norm is 1/250th or 1/200th. I have a Canon EOS 6D for some reason Canon thought 1/180th would be ok, I don’t know why they have done this but they did.
4 Set your aperture just high enough, so when you take a picture its just black on the back of your camera with no flash firing.

When you take another shot with the flash switched on you will capture what ever is being lit by the flash and all other light will drop off leaving a black background.

As you can see by this first image I was set up in my garden in daylight.

DW Images Photography set up

The second shot below is from the back of the camera without the flash firing. Its given me a great starting point my aperture was about F10.

DWi Set Up

This third image is my final shot after I had been playing around with the flash position to get the look I wanted.

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The Power Of LinkedIn

Had Mark come to the studio this morning, he owns Corporate Drama www.corporatedrama.co.uk and he wanted to update his head shots. Spent a couple of hrs with him in the studio this morning and he went away with some awesome shots.

These shots prove the power of using LinkedIn to network, I was making connections last week and Mark was one of them. My timing was perfect as he was looking to have new head shots. He checked out my profile and website that day and booked his session.

Picking and choosing the right people to connect with will pay dividends and don’t bombard people with loads of messages telling them what you do. Be polite send a thank you for the connection and explain your services, tell them that you’re their if they need you. Send updates every so often just as a reminder but don’t be pushy. Its all about networking! Upset a connection and you have lost all of those potential recommendations.

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Why The Duck Would You Do That…..

We have all been on websites where the images of the product they are selling just suck. If you are anything like me, you will avoid these sites like the plague when parting with your hard earned cash.

We all judge on first impressions, and an unprofessional looking website will be loosing you hundreds of customers by simply not investing in professional photography. The penny pinchers out there will say “I know I will use my phone.” It’s not a case of saving money, with professional photography you are investing in your brand and staying a step ahead of your competitors to attract customers to your product.

Here at DW Images Photography I invest a lot of time giving my clients professional images that they are proud to use on there websites. The Images below are what I have put together to prove the point, the first one is just shot on my mobile phone under electric light and the second is shot in a professional studio set up.

If you are looking to add or update your images on your website, come and talk to myself at DW Images Photography. I can offer great rates and quick turn around on your website photography.

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