Born in February 1969 and raised in Kent, England, and currently working, studying and living in Buckinghamshire.  I am fortunate to own and run my photography company D.W Images Photography.  This side of my work covers the more commercial side of photography mainly Portrait, Wedding & Corporate, but I have a keen eye and dedicates as much time as I can to more personal projects to produce great pieces of contemporary and fine art photography.

I have been very passionate about photography for many years and have gained all my experience with out any formal training, but now is undertaking a HND qualification in photography at Milton Keynes College and is hoping to do a third year to complete the full degree level.  My work is very diverse and I am mainly drawn to black and white imagery.  I have many influences including Elliot Erwitt, Ansel Adams and Vivian Maier as I love their photojournalism approach to their work.

I produce my work using a varied selection of photographic media including digital and film cameras, 35mm and 120 medium format. “My photography, the finished image is what I see’s the camera is merely the brush he uses to paint with”

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