Brief History Of Lomography


Photography comes under a lot of hats; Lomography is just a style of photography, normally undertaken with cameras such as Holgas and Diana’s. These are low cost medium format cameras that are made of plastic with meniscus lenses and are notorious for their cheap production and the body of the camera always leaks light. This gives you strange light effects on the film when processed.

Lomography is now over 20years old and was born In 1991, a group of Austrian art students on a trip to nearby Prague found […] a curious little camera […] it produced pictures unlike anything they had seen before. The little camera was the Lomo LC-A – Lomo Kompact Automat, built in Soviet-era Leningrad by Leningrad Optics and Mechanics Association (Lomo) – and very soon a craze was born. It was an analogue Instagram in the days before digital photography.

This Lomo craze may have ended up helping save film photography from an untimely end. In 1992, the students set up Lomographic Society International, exhibiting shots taken on unwanted Lomos they had bought up from all over Eastern Europe. Then, in the mid-90s, having exhausted the supply of leftover Lomos gathering dust in Budapest, Bucharest or East Berlin, they went to the camera’s manufacturers […] and persuaded them to restart production. The negotiations were helped along by the support of the city’s then deputy mayor, Vladimir Putin.

There are 10 golden rules to Lomography and they underline the Lomography philosophy “Don’t Think, Just Shoot” Lomography is a style of photography that is all about having fun while breaking the rules and boundaries of traditional photography.

Here are the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography:

  • Take your camera everywhere you go
  • Use it any time – day or night
  • Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it
  • Try the shot from the hip
  • Approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible
  • Don’t think (by William Firebrace)
  • Be Fast
  • You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film
  • Afterwards either
  • Don’t worry about any rules

To me lomography is all about just taking pictures chasing the light and saving our memories forever out of all the 10 golden rules the only one to take note of is number 10.  Get online and get yourself a plastic camera some out of date film and just shoot.




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